Cesar Azcarate

"I love Architecture and Photography, and since 2011, I am looking for unique spaces trying to find special relationships between the two disciplines. I prefer not to photograh finished architecture, but I enjoy feeling the power of abandoned industrial spaces, the anonymous solitude of the useless buildings and the rapid transformation of the spaces under construction."

The majority of the photographs showed here, belong to the teritory of useless landscapes and derelict places, coming from the past industrial heritage around the world.

The enormous power of these useless industrial spaces, without the production noise and without machinery, increase the capacity for infinite suggestion of this anonymous architecture.

It is in this specific landscapes, where I can feel with much more intensity the relationship between architecture and photography. Also here, the spaces are more suggestive and pure than in finished architecture.

The boundary between the imaginary and the real, is the place where the spaces of this series operate. Sometimes, real spaces captured by the camera in a specific position, create a kind of almost imaginary space. However, at other times, the need to create a new place, this time imaginary, from a real space, creates a place that could well exist in reality. The coexistence of these two strategies results in a permanent collection process "Imaginary Spaces". Thus, the photography acts as a tool in the passion of the architecture to create spaces. At the same time, it attempts to illustrate a tribute to anonymous authors of these unused places, without human presence, silent and almost forbidden scenarious, as a guarantee of eternal silence that is close to its inevitable end.

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