Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox not only possesses a creative talent that is unlike anyone his age, but he exercises his talent with a passion that is unquenchable and contagious. He brings his natural sense of adventure, innovation, and childlike spirit into every interaction, and incorporates these facets into every image.

Rob is a full time photographer and also travels internationally to host workshops that inspire and teach fellow artists. Even beyond being a surreal portrait artist, there is no limit to what he can and will accomplish in his lifetime.

Rob Woodcox creates photographs like another might create a book chapter by chapter. His images speak in diverse shades, various moods and atmosphere and an ever changing tonality of scenes and tales premeditated, organized and brought to life first in Robs mind, then perfectly contemplated, outlined and presented in front of the camera, speaking in one united voice of the beauty of leaving constrictions behind and have imagination lead your way.

When viewing his art and his body of work, one strongly senses a unifying bond within the imagery, namely Robs very personal style and touch in making his visions come to life, resembling a novel in the early stages, when the reader is introduced to all characters and has not yet untangled the mess of involvement, relation, importance and even time, yet knows through consistent style of writing that every single chapter will in combination lead to a astonishing, grasping story that will linger with him forever.

Robs photography captures and spellbinds the audience with its enchanted compositions and fabulous presentation, we loose ourselves in his vivacious, larger than life, magical and mythical world created skillfully and fearlessly behind a camera and in front of the screen.

The sky might be the limit for many of us, Rob Woodcox though does not let himself be restricted at all, he will bring to life what he has aesthetically dreamed of, and he will alter reality, by mastering both old and new technology and balancing them neatly, so it matches his vision, not the other way around.

We find this a great approach, both to storytelling and fine art photography and actually even to life itself.

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