She Persists

10 May 2019 - 10 June 2019

She Persists

Twenty voices of Celebration,
Resistance and Rebellion

It would seem fitting that a Palazzo once owned by a voraciously assertive woman, Marina Querini Benzon (1757-1839) should be the setting for an exhibition titled She Persists. Erudite and acerbic, her infamous salons saw the rooms of the palazzo filled with the artistic and literary greats of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Thomas Moore, Lord Byron and the infamous Casanova were among many illustrious figures to be beguiled by her incredible persona. It is this resolute fortitude that is shared by the twenty female artists in this show.

Representing the art world in its most capacious sense these artists resist and revel in the contours of female experience. Whilst hailing from vastly different cultural contexts, with each cultivating their idiosyncratic practices, a deep sense of universal female agency across the works is starkly apparent.

Whether working in countries perhaps with limited arts infrastructure or restricted opportunities for display, each of the works are share complex and sophisticated assertions concerning the female experience. The perspectives offered in She Persists are not necessarily resolved nor entirely polemic, but all are categorically unapologetic. Seeking to subvert grand institutional narratives coveted, which have operated on foundations of exclusion or marginalisation and proliferated through mainstream spaces principally located in the West.

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